What Are Binary Options Robots?


In trading jargon, “Robot” means software that identifies entry points and enters entry and exit orders.

In other words, it is a software that trades instead of the trader.

There are robots on the market made available to its customers by the same binary brokers and robots sold by independent companies.

Robots offered by binary options brokers are free for traders who open a binary trading account, as long as it is a real account and a deposit is made.

Do binary options trading robots as well as Forex robots really work?

Although the robot itself has limitations acting on the basis of algorithms and mathematical functions, the great advantage of using automatic software trading is that it acts without being influenced by emotions.

This is a huge benefit for the trader as the inability to handle emotions is the main cause of trading failure.

Another advantage is the speed of detection of the input signal and execution of the binary option purchase order and consequently a greater number of trades to an accuracy that is impossible with manual trading.

Finally, another significant advantage of using a trading software and perhaps the most peculiar feature of the robot, is to activate it at times when you are unable to trade.

It ‘s enough to set, depending on the robot, some settings such as the amount of individual transactions and the number of transactions to be made in a given time frame to be able to make it operational.

How do binary options robots work?

There are two types of robots: on the one hand robots that indicate the entry points leaving the trader the task of manually entering the purchase orders of options, on the other hand robots that automate the entire process; the former are improperly called robots because they do not cover the entire trading activity, unlike the second type of robots that replace the trader in full.

No Emotion

Binary options robots do not depend on the trader’s emotions, as trading is done automatically.

Most mistakes made by traders (whether they are traders in stocks, futures or other derivatives such as binary options) are caused by the psychological aspect of trading that takes over the rational part; it follows that the trader starts at some point to be afraid, to deviate from the trading strategy that was imposed.

The average trader, in other words, often makes mistakes for fear of a possible loss, for greed, anticipating the entry or exit from the position, increasing the amount invested against the criteria of money management.

Unlike traders, binary options robots follow specific mathematical operations, called algorithms, and execute trading operations regardless of the trader’s psychological situation. The total absence of the irrational part of trading has enormous advantages, thus eliminating all sorts of fear, doubt, hesitation, agitation and constant changes in the interpretation of the rules of trading techniques defined by the trader.

The discipline is therefore respected whatever the market situation and the specific situation in which the trader finds himself simply because the software follows and executes the rules of the trading system underlying the robot.


Unlike novice traders, whose speculations and conclusions based on configured models are subjective, binary options robots work exclusively on predetermined rules, without inventing anything new based on the momentary market situation.


Trading performance can change significantly depending on the readiness with which the entry point is detected and the speed with which the position is opened. These automated software tools are extremely fast both in determining entry points and in opening the position as soon as the conditions for entering the action occur.


Binary options robots allow you to trade multiple assets simultaneously and/or with different trading techniques, thus spreading risks across a variety of assets and maturities.


Although the trader knows that his trading system works and has statistically positive performance not only in the short but also in the medium and long term, even a short succession of losses can distract the trader from the plan, effectively negating all efforts made in determining the strategy.

One of the most difficult aspects of trading is therefore the implementation of operations based on strategy planning and trading techniques, often developed after years of analysis.

100% Automatic Binary Options Robot

The robots listed below not only identify the entry points according to the algorithm used, but also automatically perform binary operations. For all these robots it is necessary to open a binary account dedicated to the specific robot.