Modern Food Is Not Food


Food is essential to maintaining good health. Yet we continuously require our bodies to run on low-grade fuel. Often we are not completely to blame, we can only do the very best we can, with what we have. In this write-up we check out what has occurred to food and also what we can do regarding it.

What’s Up with Food Today?

Apart from the chemicals which are included deliberately, our food is dropping in quality at an amazing rate. A geologist-turned-nutritionist, took on a research comparing food over a period of 50 years. The results are not pretty:

  • All Meats include 41 percent much less Calcium as well as 54% less Iron.
  • All fruits have 27% less Zinc.
  • Carrots have 75% less Magnesium, 48% less Calcium and 46% less Iron.
  • As well as this study only gauged food approximately!

What Helps?

As we learn more about the hazardous potential of modern foods, it becomes clear that we need a new method to what food we placed in our bodies, if we are to live a healthy, active life. Returning to excellent food is simpler than you believe.

Here are some basic methods:

  1. Go Back To Real Food

To put it simply food that is green or grows which has actually not been artificially damaged. “Is it a made in a natural plant or was it made in a chemical plant”

It has to be what it assures to be and also what people expect it to be – as an example the brownish colour of bread is real, not simply an artificial colour contributed to white bread.

  1. Consume the most effective Quality You Can Afford

Avoid processed food (such as junk foods, sweets as well as sugar-laden foods). These may appear convenient and also cheap currently, however what concerning when you have to pay for the hospital costs, medical professionals and also medication later?

This is specifically legitimate for children who are the main customers of this type of food, go to an enhanced danger of illness and have the highest requirement for high quality nourishment during their expanding years.

  1. Consume Fresh Food

Take into consideration chucking the microwave away. (I understand, I recognize, what would certainly you cook for supper?).

Getting rid of your microwave will vastly improve the quality of the food you consume, as food that has actually been microwaved has fewer nutrients in it, and also radiation is not part of a healthy and balanced diet regimen.

  1. Eat Natural.

If it comes in a box, tray or container – or if it’s a colour you do not typically see in nature, hesitate before placing it in your mouth. One more good test, if you can not pronounce it, don’t consume.

  1. Eat Variety.

This might limit your exposure to one additive or chemical – much safer in the event it ends up to have long term health and wellness dangers.

  1. Eat Seasonally.

Not only is it cheaper, it will reduce your exposure to the antifungal and also antibacterial chemicals typically located in products that need a long life span.

  1. Supplement.

The quickest most convenient means to ensure your household receives all the natural nourishment they need is to simply “add it in” to their existing food. Pick a supplement made from actual foods; which is simple as well as undetectable (i.e. supplements which have no preference so they won’t also discover).

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