Do You Believe in Psychics?


Want to listen to an odd fact that surprises lots of people?

There were an estimated 1 MILLION psychic readings done by phone in 2012 alone.

Out of those analyses, it’s about estimated that 70% of those readings were provided for LOVE.

Either locating true love. Or identifying whether the partner the caller had already picked was the “one”.

Or naturally, to get some intuitive understanding on just how loyal (or productive) an existing partnership was … or whether there was any kind of future in a romance in all.

Of those readings, the MOST common customer to a psychic service or individual intuitive were women, between the ages of 25-55, who earned 75,000 a year or even more and also contended least one college degree.

Pretty unusual, don’t you believe?

Many people have a tendency to stereotype psychic fans, fans and fanatic’s as well as new age groupies, spiritist and people who walk around bearing in mind previous lives as Cleopatra, or Napoleon Bonaparte.

Want another fascinating figure?

According to the most recent Gallup poll, more than 70% of individuals in the United States count on some kind of psychic capability.

More than 75% of individuals globally count on the very same.

And also while scientific research continues to advance, expand and also advance … the paradoxical point is, belief in psychic capacities are HIGHER today than they’ve ever before been before.

Another fascinating fact?

Physicians and medical professionals are MORE likely to count on psychic capacity, life after death as well as spiritual truths than individuals with just a secondary school diploma. This directly opposes the skeptics and cynics that will certainly attempt to say that the MORE educated one is, the less likely it is that they’ll count on things that are enchanting, magical as well as mystical in any way.

Surprisingly sufficient, my very own daddy is a medical professional, and he was one of the first individuals to expose me to the wild and also wacky world of psychic abilities several years ago … after several of his patients had a close to death experience and he wished to learn more concerning them.

He bought some books composed by renowned tools … and afterwards gave them to me when he was done. I was connected! (As well as continue to be so to this really day).

An additional intriguing truth?

According to some casual studies done by a group of leading psychics and mediums in 2011 for a TV docudrama, more than 50% of individuals who initially described themselves as “die hard doubters” prior to having their reading, modified their self description as “followers” eventually after that.

In the exact same group of surveys, nearly 85% of that exact same group changed their viewpoint to a minimum of “interested but not yet convinced” after talking to a well rated, well credentialed clairvoyant or moderate hand picked for the test.

The truth is, the above circumstance is really usual. Individuals that have only been revealed to psychic entertainment tend NOT to believe, or to assume it’s all ridiculous … up until they have a genuine reading that strikes them away, or at the very least, opens their minds to the possibilities.

I have actually seen it again and again… and also the reality is, if your mind is open and you want to be fair, there is frustrating evidence that there is MUCH about his world we do not yet understand … which there are powers, capabilities as well as possibilities that will certainly alter your life permanently once you experience them first hand.

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